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With the summer months coming to an end, and we take our children for the annual ritual of buying new school clothes and school supplies, we forget that many of them often struggle with their emotions during this time. On one hand they are sad to see the summer end and school begin; on the other, they are excited to get new clothes and see their friends from school years past.

When I was a child (of the 70's), I often had these mixed feelings myself. I was not the most studious child and I often dreaded the daily ride to school; however, I so enjoyed “hanging out with my friends” and “playing at recess” that I generally went to school without so much as a grumble.

Me - ca. 1980 - 4th GradeMe - ca. 1980 - 4th Grade

Each year in elementary school, there were certain events I looked forward to; birthday parties, long weekends, organized team events at recess (I particularly liked dodge ball) and picture day. Each Fall, my mother would send with me, in my best school clothes, to school a check made out to the photographer for whatever nominal fee was associated with the one 8x10, two 5x7 and eight wallet sized photos. Several weeks later I would receive my package of photos and take them promptly to my mom, who would of course, replace the 8x10 photo of me in the living room frame by placing it in front of the previous year. She would send one 5x7 to my grandmother and the wallet size prints would be distributed to mostly family, but a few friends of my choosing.

Over the past few years, the start of each school means that picture day will roll around before we know it. Each picture day, our daughter gets up with a little extra energy and gusto to look especially nice for that year's photo. A few weeks later, we receive a photo packet order form which asks us to go through the decision making process of choosing the best photo of the four taken, each one looking almost identical to the last.

Once we narrow our selection to one, we look at the online package options, only to see the minimum option includes no 8x10 images, but rather one 5x7 and four wallet size images for distribution among close family, all for the “low, low price of $25 - $30."

Tori "School is Cool"

Since I am a photographer, you can imagine that my daughter does fairly well in front of the camera. She is better in front of the camera when my wife or I are with her, but we usually have a couple of good photos to choose from with her school sessions. After all of this, we repeat the process in the Spring, usually with similar results

Why not pay for a photo session with a local photographer who shoots on location? This way, you can schedule your child's “Back to School” photos when it is convenient for you and your child. You can choose the location or background, and even include elements that make the photos more personal. Is the photo session more than the minimum $25-$30 for school photos? Yes. But, you can make the photos personal to what your child is doing that year. Don't just capture “photo day”, rather capture your child's moments in time. This is what photographers do.

Does your son play baseball or football? Shoot at a local ball field with a bat, ball and glove or helmet, jersey and football. Does your daughter play soccer or dance? Choose a local soccer field with a soccer ball or capture her in her tutu on stage at a local theater. My daughter plays the ukulele and this year, we will choose a local venue in which to shoot her “personalized” photo session with her ukulele and her favorite dog, Carl.

If you'd like to schedule your child's “Back to School” session, please contact us at so we can get them on the schedule. Think about what can make your child's session personal to him or her. A photo session with Gone To Texas consists of a full photo session, with props (soccer ball, football, guitar, or even pets) and at a time convenient for your family. After the session, you can take your time in choosing your top ten photos, and after doing so, all of your chosen ones will be available for download or you can purchase prints directly from our website.


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