Social Media Consultation

If your business is not on Social Media, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your brand and your companies reach. Before you create a bunch of Social Media accounts, you should know which sites are best for your business. This is where Gone To Texas Marketing & Design comes in. We can not only provide you with information on each of the Social Media sites, but we can help you pick the right one(s) for your business.

In addition to consulting services, we can help you set up and even maintain your Social Media presence. There are many Social Media Platforms and they all act differently and reach different audiences. Tell us your target audience and we'll help you select the right Social Media presence that right for your business.

We have many years experience in various Social Media outlets and we want to help you build your brand and reach new clients through this free medium. Sure, you can pay for advertisements on Facebook, or even pay to boost your post; but should you? We can help you with the pros and cons of doing so and even help you set up your promotions.

Getting started on Social Media Sites is as easy as contacting Gone To Texas Marketing & Design at Send us an email and we'll get back with you to schedule a time to discuss your wants and needs and help you develop a Social Media Marketing Plan.

Click on the images below to be directed to the most common Social Media sites available.

Social Media IconsSocial Media IconsAltering Social Media icons can be customized to fit your website theme to strengthen your branding efforts. We do not encourage redesigning business logos, however, customized social media icons for your website, in which you will send visitors to your website to their site is a good idea.